Johannes Vermeer Award to Janine Jansen

Earlier this year I became a jury member of the Johannes Vermeer Award, the Dutch state prize for the arts. This year the prize went to violinist Janine Jansen. Minister for Education, Culture and Science Ingrid van Engelshoven presented the award on Monday 29 October 2018 in the Ridderzaal in The Hague.

Below is a picture of the jury, the minister and Janine Jansen on the evening of the award ceremony.

(From left to right: Jamal Ouariachi, Mariëlle Hendriks, Michel van der Aa, Els van der Plas, Janine Jansen, minister Ingrid van Engelshoven, Jeroen Krabbé, Annabelle Birnie)

If you want to learn more about Janine Jansen, watch this phenomenal documentary about her, directed by Paul Cohen.